Home & Garden Somerset install all types and styles of residential and commercial fencing throughout Somerset.

(Above – 6′ x 6′ prefabricated feather-board and 6″ gravel-board panel with bowed trellis and raised post/ capping, also stained for protection)

Our experienced team advise, design and install fencing fit for all purposes.

Fitting fencing for residential and commercial gardens, new build plots, commercial refuse areas, car parks and more.

“Get in touch for a free quotation on your property fencing”.

(Above – post and rail frame with 6′ feather boarding in green and 6″ gravel-board)

(Above – flat facing exterior 6′ feather-board, 4″ post and rail with 6″ gravel-board, natural)(Above – 4′ x 6′ open square trellis panels with concrete clamped post)(Above – 6′ x 6′ panels and 4′ post, cutting to fit between existing post/ fence)(Above – 3′ x 5′ panels with 2′ x 5′  cross trellis, also stained for added protection)(Above – 5′ x 6′ brown panels with 4″ post)